Futurity Rules

The litters you are planning and breeding now are the future of the Labrador Retriever.  Members of the Labrador Retriever Club of Southern California who follow the Breeder’s Code of Ethics and good guidelines for breeding have an opportunity to present their litters in a Futurity Competition.

The Futurity Conformation Competition is held annually at the October B-Ob Match.  Classes are divided by sex; 6 – 9 mos., 9 – 12, 12 – 15, 15 – 18.  Class Winners:  Best in Futurity and Best Opposite Sex in Futurity.

Prize money is distributed by percentages.

Dogs must be between 6 months and eighteen months of age.  Dogs too young for the current Futurity will be shown the following year.

Professional handlers may exhibit only dogs owned or bred by them or members of their immediate family.



Prior to breeding, after two (2) years of age, the stud dogs and brood bitches MUST be certified as being clear of hip and elbow dysplasia by the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals (OFA).

Sires and dams under two (2) years of age shall also be evaluated as being clear of hip and elbow dysplasia by the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals (OFA), or any university housing a school of veterinary medicine or a Board Certified orthopedic veterinarian prior to breeding.

Prior to breeding, sire and dam MUST be examined and found clear of PRA, CPRA, and other inherited eye anomalies by a qualified veterinary ophthalmologist using an ophthalmoscope and slit lamp.  This examination must be within one year of and prior to breeding.


 Nominations may be made by the bitch owner or the stud dog owner.  If the dog or bitch is leased, a copy of the AKC lease agreement must accompany the nomination.

Litters are nominated by notifying the Futurity Chairperson in writing, giving the sire, dam, number, sex, and color of puppies in the litter and the date of the whelping.  This information shall be accompanied by copies of OFA hip and elbow certificates, and current CERF or normal eye exam copy, for BOTH parents.  Also included shall be a nomination fee check made out to LRCSC in the amount of $25.00.  These must be received by the Futurity Chairperson before the puppies are 56 days old.  If nomination is sent via U.S. mail, it must be postmarked prior to the date of 56 days old.

Late litter nominations shall not be accepted.

A few weeks before the Futurity Competition, the Chairperson will contact you and send you entry forms for your individual puppies.  Fill these out for the puppies you want to enter and send back the entries, accompanied by a $4.00 entry fee for each individual nominated puppy.

This is a fun and informative competition.  A good way to get your puppy buyers involved, too.