The Labrador Retriever Club of Southern California offers two types of memberships, Associate and Full. All NEW applicants will automatically be considered for an Associate Membership for a minimum of one year. LRCSC offers Associate Memberships to applicants who are interested in learning more about the Labrador Retriever breed or to stay informed of club functions through the newsletter. For those who want to become more involved in the breed and club functions, LRCSC offers Full Membership. Applicants for Full Membership must have shown a continuous effort to volunteer at multiple events throughout the year and promote ideals set forth by the Club. Specifically, any Associate Member who wishes to apply for Full Membership after one year must have volunteered to work or assist at a minimum of two (2) club events. Monetary donations towards trophies, awards, etc. may also be applied toward this requirement. Showing or exhibiting your dog at a club event does not count toward the volunteer requirement. Associate members must re-apply for Full Membership and receive approval from the LRCSC Board of Directors. Membership applications will list the various activities and areas of interest the member is involved with both with the club and the breed. You will be called upon and expected to help at club events. All applications must be read and approved at two consecutive board meetings. This may take two-to-three months depending on Board meeting schedules. Once approved, applicants’ names are posted in the newsletter. Membership dues are $30.00 for one year, beginning January 1st. Additional memberships for individuals residing at the same address may be added for an additional $5.00 a year Please note: each applicant must complete an application. Membership applicants must be 18 years or older. The Board reserves the right to raise dues from time to time as costs determine. A completed membership application along with a check for dues for one year must be sent to the membership chairperson. Membership applications received after September 30th will be pro-rated to January 1st following receipt of the application.



Newsletter, Annual Awards & Achievement Awards, List wins, placements, & qualifying legs in Winners Circle.

Participation responsibilities:

Attend meetings and volunteer at events & programs, Vote, Serve on committees, Hold office



Newsletter, May list completion of titles in Winners Circle, Achievement Awards

Participation responsibilities:

Attend meetings and/or Volunteer at events & programs, Serve on committees


May not vote, May not hold office, May not compete for annual awards 



You may contact our Membership Chair to request further membership information

Thank you,

LRCSC Board of Directors